Once Upon A Bedtime Story

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“Once Upon A Bedtime Story is a weekly podcast that features a different classical bedtime story each week. Its a resource for parents with children or adults that want to listen to classic story content. Listening to stories like this provides cultural context exposure for children and helps brain development. If you have a business or product that fits this market, I’d love to have you as a sponsor.”
History and Performance:
The Once Upon A Bedtime Story podcast started on January 1, 2015. This makes it a young podcast and its listenership has been steadily growing. I switched pod hosts in March 2015. I did this because I needed a host that would support a daily podcast and provide me with the statistic tools that I need to see what is happening. My host is called podbean.com.
In the middle of 2015 I changed from a daily podcast to a weekly podcast. This allowed me to spend more time on quality and content.

The daily download for 2015 averaged  250 or more in the first week. Each podcast continues to get downloads for months. Podcasts stay on the feed for 365 days and continue to see some download and listen traffic for the entire time.


Listener Pattern
Typically, the second day after publication is the largest download day as this is when the RSS syndication to iTunes and Stitcher have replicated the publication.
The demographics of listeners show they are concentrated in English speaking countries. Mostly in the US, but also in Canada, UK and Australia.
 Listener Demographics
Sponsor Option:
I’ve tried to plan for options that will fit your needs. If you have another plan, please feel free to propose it and I’m sure we can work it out.
Right now all of my sponsor spots are 30 or less second mid roll spots. Mid roll is positioned between a third and halfway through the story. Story lengths vary. There are a few stories that are longer, and have a second mid-roll spot around two thirds of the way through the podcast.
If you are interested in a pre-roll or post-roll spot please contact me and we can discuss your idea.
One Month (4 podcasts): $50
  • This is for four weeks with one spot each week on an unspecified day. These can be spread over more than one month, or all 4 consecutive weeks if available.
Two Month (8 podcasts): $80 (40/month)
  • These can be spread over more months or consecutive weeks if available.
Three Month (12 podcasts): $80 (40/month)
  • These can be spread over more months or consecutive weeks if available.

More than 12 podcasts: please email roy@onceuponabedtimestory.com


  • These rates may change as listenership increases, but will not change from an existing arraignment.
  • Rates will not change for sponsorship made for future dates after they are paid for.
  • All sponsors must pay for days/spots in advance of their air date.
  • Episodes will remain in the feed for 365 days. After this time, episodes are archived.
  • Once Upon A Bedtime Story is a podcast listed as suitable for children, as such I have to require that content from sponsors meet this same standard. If there is a conflict, I will contact you to resolve the issue and possibly use alternate words, etc. If this cannot be reached, I will refund the money for the sponsorship. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.  And I have to reserve the right to be the sole arbiter of what is included in my podcast and don’t have to explain why something is not accepted.

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